Zinfandel - Croatia’s Gift To California

One of the original Californian vintages, Zinfandel is representative of viniculture in the Golden State. Highly regarded for its intensity and rich flavour, this wine is produced from black-skinned grapes and expresses itself in the heady flavour of black fruits and rich woody notes in a rich garnet hue.

Zinfandel Vineyards In California

The richness of Zinfandel wine

Zinfandel characteristics express themselves through an intensely fruity and fleshy flavour accented by notes of blackberry and spices with woody undertones from oak ageing and maceration. While not as intense in colour as Merlot and other dark grape wines, Zinfandels have a higher percentage of alcohol, making them more robust and bolder in body and texture. The finely balanced tannins and traces of residual woody sweetness are distinctive hallmarks of this new world wine. Zinfandel wine is believed to have originated in Europe, but thrives in the warmth of Napa Valley and other parts of California that produce jam-influenced and fruity wines that have cherry, apple, and tobacco notes depending on how the wine is aged. Temperature plays a pivotal role in the development of Zinfandel grapes because of their early ripening and sweet juices. Vintners use intuition and skill to identify the right harvest time to be able to differentiate between early-harvested dinner wine grapes and late-harvested dessert wine grapes.
Zinfandel Wine Food Pairings

Pairing Food with Zinfandel Wine

Typical Zinfandel food pairings include rich, hearty meats such as curried beef, pork, spare ribs, Italian sausage, and venison. The wine’s high alcoholic content and moderately robust tannins make it a just accoutrement to Parmesan, Dry Jack, and conventional aged cheeses such as Gouda and Cheddar. Zinfandel wine also pairs well with smoked cheeses, while Asian and Indian curries as well as beef broths and stews benefit from the woody flavour of this wine. Milder Zinfandel or blends lend a woody undertone to game fowl such as pheasant and quail. This wine acts as a perfect foil to traditional favourites such as Ratatouille, Cioppino, and Bouillabaisse while accentuating heavier-flavoured pastas such as lasagne or meaty cannelloni. The wine’s balanced tannins blend well with an assortment of culinary herbs such as black pepper, thyme, basil, parsley, and bay leaf.