The Loire Valley wine route

Loire Valley wines span the whole range from dry or sparkling white to dry or deep and fruity reds. The variety and richness of flavour provides a perfect complement to the picturesque landscape which provides the backdrop to this wine-focused region.

The best of Loire Valley wines

The best of Loire Valley wines

All Loire Valley wines share certain characteristics, such as a contemporary taste, gentle acidity and moderate alcohol levels. They make for excellent food wines. The Anjou White has an appearance that ranges from pale yellow to dull gold, a nose comprising soft stone fruits such as apricots with honey and white flowers, and a dry and refreshing flavour from the fruit and minerals. White Anjou works very well with spicy tarts or grilled fish. The Red Anjou has fine tannins, a nose of red berries and violets, and a sparkling ruby red color. This wine is perfect for stuffed mushrooms or smoked meats. Anjou – Villages from the range of Loire Valley wines is a dark red wine with meaty notes combined with iris and violet notes. This wine, like the Anjou-Villages Brissac with its nose of dark berries and liquorice, is a great accompaniment for roasted vegetables or braised beef or veal. The Bourgueil, another distinctive wine from this region, has a nose of intense strawberry, cherry and violets which evolves into leather and roasted meats. Lighter versions pair well with fish and white meat such as pork, while the bolder varieties are great for barbecued meat or steak.
A tourists' guide to Loire Valley Wines

Loire Valley Wines – A Tourists’ Guide

The Loire Wine Road, also known as the Route du Vin, is a must-do experience for all fans of Loire Valley wines. For a tourist, it is a treasure trove of lush meadows bordering endless vineyards, with sleepy villages scattered in between. Whether in early spring or mid autumn, the landscape is vivacious and earthy with the smell of wood smoke and the sweetly heavy scent of the grapes. In the 320 Caves Touristiques, English is widely spoken and there are antique wine cellars and nature trails to explore. In Vouvray, the Chenin Blanc wines can be aged for 10 years or more. This versatile grape produces everything from dry to sparkling white wine. Further north, the Cabernet Franc waits to be relished. The light red from the banks of the Vienne or the stronger hues from the chalk and clay hills are delightful in equal measure. One of the best offerings of the Loire Valley wines is the Saumur-Champigny, with vineyards that border the Loire river. Fruity and supple, with relatively low levels of alcohol, these wines represent the best from this region.