The Floral Fiesta of Moscato Wine

Moscato wine originates from the Asti region of north-western Italy but is grown and produced around the world. This fruity and floral wine exhibits the traditional characteristics of Moscato wine grapes – Muscato Giallo – which give this wine its pale golden yellow hue and nuanced flavour.

Raphael dal Bo - Moscato Raffaello

The Strength of Sparkling Moscato Wine

Highly regarded for its bright and refreshing influence as a dessert wine, Moscato wine brings together a sublime balance of flavour, colour, and aroma. Moscato wine characteristics are dominated by a sweet, fruity style with notes of orange blossom, vanilla bean, and other floral aromas. As a premium sparkling wine, its sweetness is accentuated by the subtle and complex bouquet of aroma with Italian pear and the country’s own Reinette apples. This frizzante wine is known for its low alcohol content and its light, atmospheric notes are best perceived when served from the bottle at about 7 degrees Celsius.
Moscato wine and Panettone: delicious italian wine food pairing

Pairing Food with Moscato Wine

Produced to be a sparkling dessert white wine, Moscato wine food pairings include a wide range of Italian and Continental desserts. The lightness and delicate bubbling of Moscato wine pair beautifully with the sweetness of custards, several styles of flan pâtissier, brownies, and crêpes. Fruit desserts such as yellow fruit consommés and fruit tarts are also enriched by this delicate wine. Despite being a balanced dessert accompaniment, this wine also complements Chinese cuisine, with the citrus notes accentuating the aromatic herbs and spices. Poultry and lean seafood are also preferred Moscato wine food pairings while light Italian goat and cow’s milk chesses such as Mascarpone pair well with this sparkling wine.