Riesling Wine – Most Popular White Wine and Grape Variety In The World

Why is Riesling grown in over 10 countries worldwide and ranked in the top three white wines in international rankings? It could be because of the range and variety of wines that bear the name, and also because it is so easy to grow.

Riesling Schieferkopf by Micheal Chapoutier

A Few Great Riesling Wines

The 2014 Riesling Schieferkopf is a typical product of Alsace. The fresh and fruity taste combines the notes of pineapple, citrus and spices. With a low alcohol level, it is a great choice for entry-level drinkers. This wine goes best with fish, but also works well with fois gras and risottos. The Riesling Les Princes Abbes from 2012 is a dry but fruity wine with a fresh taste that speaks of minerals and citrus such as lemon and lime. It is an intensely acidic wine that ages well but also tastes good when young. The Riesling Grand Cru Altenberg de Bergheim 2009 was a gold medal winner at the Riesling of the World competition. A fine and rich wine, it has a sweet and fruity aroma combined with citrus and makes a good pairing with cured meats or fish such as salmon.
Riesling: the white wine from the Rhone Valley

What is there to know about Riesling wines?

Riesling is a white wine grape that is native to the Rhone valley region in Germany. It is highly acidic but also exhibits highly aromatic features. In terms of International level quality, Riesling is usually ranked in the world top three along with Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. It is considered a very ‘terroir-expressive’ wine which means that its characteristics are heavily influenced by the region from which it originates. Riesling wines grown in cooler climes such as Germany have notes of apple and high levels of acidity. Warmer regions such as Alsace and Austria grow late-ripening varieties that give it notes of citrus and peach, while Australian Rieslings have a note of lime. Riesling grapes are also grown in Serbia, Slovakia, northern Italy, South Africa, Canada, New Zealand, China, Ukraine and the USA.
wine food pairing with Riesling

What to Eat With A Great Riesling

Most German Rieslings work very well with food such as seafood and roasted duck, goose or pork. It also is a good accompaniment to Chinese, Cajun and Thai cuisine. A very dry Riesling such as a Kabinett is best with seafood, Asian cuisine or poultry. An off dry Spatlese is a good choice with spicy food, smoked meat, and seafood such as fish, lobster and scallops. It also works well with fruit. At the other end of the spectrum, the Riesling sweet wines such as Beerenauslese, Trockenbeerenauslese and Eiswien (which is literally translated as ‘ice wine’), taste great when paired with any dessert such as caramel apples, pies, peaches and cream, tropical or any fresh fruit. Eiswien is so sweet, it can even be a dessert by itself!