Merlot Wine – What the World Loves to Raise their Glasses to

Merlot grapes are among the most popular varieties the world over despite them being a difficult variety to cultivate. Merlot is a smooth wine that is very refreshing and easy to drink, and it’s a wine often used as a blending agent to soften harsher wines with more tannins.

Merlot is also a fine varietal wine, and the best one is found in Petrus

The Flavours of Merlot Wines

It is not easy to clearly define and describe the taste of merlot wine. This is because the texture is as much of a differentiator as the taste, and the texture relies on organoleptic properties. Merlot is commonly described as ‘smooth’, ‘rounded’ and ‘easy drinking’. This smoothness arises from the fact that the grapes are quite large when compared to their skin and pips. These large grapes are used to soften wines made from more tannic grapes. Some of the famous wines softened with the addition of Merlot are Cabernet Sauvignon, Tannat and Malbec. Due to this, the true value of a Merlot is sometimes dismissed, being known as just a blending wine, despite the fact that it forms some of the best wines in the world. Merlot is also a fine varietal wine, and the best one is found in Petrus, in the Pomerol region of Bordeaux. Vintages of this wine are sometimes sold for thousands of dollars!
Few interesting facts about merlot

Interesting Facts about Merlot Wine

Here is a collection of interesting facts about Merlot wines:
In recent times, Merlot is the most planted variety of grape in France. In terms of planting popularity, it ranks even higher than the Cabernet Sauvignon of Bordeaux or Burgundy’s Pinot Noir.
Merlot wines are the product of a cross between Cabernet Franc and Magdeleine Noire des Charentes grapes.
Merlot grapes are quite difficult to grow, even more so than Cabernet. They have very thin skins and are very affected by their soil and the weather. The good thing is that they can be harvested about two weeks earlier than most other varieties.
Merlot is planted quite extensively in Italy, and particularly in Tuscany. It is a part of the ‘Super Tuscan’ group.