Malbec Wine – The Embodiment And Pride of Argentina

Perfected from grapes that flourish in the high Andes of Argentina, Malbec wine is a symbol of the nation’s pride and is the finest product of the Malbec terroir. A refined and mature Malbec wine takes its tannins from the warm weather and the mineral-rich soils of the region.

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Malbec Wine - A Study In Intensity And Finesse

A fine Malbec wine can be aged for years, developing its complex character that is expressed in the full, fruity aroma of black fruit with subtle hints of vanilla, coffee, blackberries, and exotic spices. Drawn from Argentinian stock wine grapes that have ripened slowly, Malbec wine flavour is refined by grapes grown high in the Andes, in the Luján de Cuyo region more than 2,800 feet above sea level. A typical six to fourteen-month oak aging process adds woody notes that serve as a tantalising backdrop to its juicy, fruit-filled flavour with moderate tannins and traditional notes of blackberry and plum.
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A Journey Into the Character of Malbec Wine

Malbec wine characteristics draw inspiration from the contrasting weather of the Andean highlands that are warm by day and cold by night. As a result, this moderately full-bodied wine possesses a rich, inky hue and tannins ranging from smooth to moderately strong. Berry flavours such as cherries and plums contribute to a Malbec wine’s fruity flavour, but the wine’s earthy and woody influences include exotic notes of black pepper and chocolate. Malbec is also said to flourish in the Bordeaux region of France, sharing the earthy flavours of its Argentinian cousin, albeit with distinct notes of vanilla.
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Matching Cuisine With Malbec Wine

Moderation in body and in tannins make Malbec wine pairings a delight in the culinary world with sommeliers waxing lyrical about the versatility of this fine vintage. Malbec wine pairs well with lean red meats and poultry across Italian, Spanish, Mexican, and Oriental cuisines. This hearty wine is a particular favourite with spaghetti and meatballs, lending its woody notes to gamey flavours such as lamb, duck, venison, and steak. Malbec wine has the distinction of pairing well with Stilton cheese and several other cheeses including Gorgonzola and Danish Blue. Informal foods such as burgers and fajitas also pair well with the fruitiness of a young Malbec wine.