From A Grenache On A Stem To A Wine In A Bottle

From a pale and light wine that looks almost yellow in colour, to forming the base for some of the best wines in the world, the Grenache is a grape with many talents. Wines made from Grenache work with a variety of foods from home cooking right up to desserts, fruit and cheese.

Le Cirque 2014 Les Vignerons de Tautavel Grenache wine

Curated Grenache Wine For The Table

About Le Cirque 2014 – Les Vignerons De Tautavel Vingrau, Robert Parker says “This is a terrific example of what makes the best Roussillon reds distinctively special, and represents an extraordinary value.” This is no simple flattery, as this incredibly inexpensive red Grenache wine got a rating of 90-92/100 for the third time, by Robert Parker. For a wine with a very unique nose and powerful taste, this wine is very easy to drink. The Cellier Des Demoiselles is right on par for drinking pleasure, with the white and rose wine from the same domain. Providing great value for money, this wine is the simple and delightful fresh flavour of ripe fruit. It works well with a wide variety of food and can also be used as a cooking wine. The Maury 2014 Domaine Lafage is a wine that covers every base. The taste in the mouth is of red and black fruit with very generous and well-balanced flavours. This wine pairs well with chocolate desserts, cheese or dried fruits. The Excellence 2015 Vignerons Du Mont Ventoux is an expressive Grenache. It is best drunk after a 12-month aging which brings out the pepper and oriental spice notes in it. Home-made cooking will never be the same when accompanied by this smooth wine.

Grenache is usually used in blended wines because of the fruity flavour and body it adds

The Grenache Grape and Wine

Grenache is usually used in blended wines because of the fruity flavour and body it adds, with adding on additional tannins. However, varietals do exist and these wines exhibit the grape’s characteristically pale colour. Wines with Grenache blended in are best drunk young, as the wine begins to get oxidized with long periods of aging. This oxidation process is eliminated in the fortified port wines from France and Australia and these wines can be aged for as long s 20 or 30 years. Grenache varietals and blends have notes of berries such as strawberries and raspberries. Grenache yields that are kept in check yield complex notes of blackcurrants and coffee, black olives, leather, black pepper, tar, spices and roasted nuts. Herbal notes that fade quickly are produced when the yield is increased. Grenache is most commonly recognized by the notes of strawberry and cream. It is among the most commonly planted red wines in the world. It is a late-ripening variety so requires lots of hot sunshine and therefore grows best in Spain, Sardinia, Australia, the south of France and the San Joaquin Valley in California. The wines have high levels of alcohol and yields must be carefully controlled to get the best crop.