Crafting the masterpiece that is IPA Beer

IPA Beer is a strong and dry type of pale ale that uses several brewing staples, such as hops, for preservation and flavour. A well-balanced India Pale Ale is complex in aroma and flavour while retaining characteristic amber, deep copper, or ochre hues.

IPA beer and all its styles

The styles of IPA Beer

IPA Beer originated in the dockside breweries of England and was earmarked for export to India and other colonies. Today, brewers continue to use alcohol and hops as preservatives across IPA Beer styles. The resulting brew is dry and bitter at approximately 80 international bitterness units although some pale ale is softened in flavour with citrus, pine and floral notes. IPA beer styles very slightly from England to the United States in terms of character. British and American beers are high in hops, bitterness and alcohol content but vary in the complexity of tasting notes. American India Pale Ale is characterised by citrusy flavours with dryness brought about by the mineral content of the water used in the brewing process. Medium-bodied and dry, this beer is also characterised by strong fruit ester aromas. IPA Beer brewing in England results in earthy and herbal notes in the IPA Beer flavour, and a characteristic amber to copper hue.
Beer making in practice

The journey from hops to IPA Beer

The complex flavours of IPA Beer are the result of a carefully controlled brewing process that balances the hops and alcohol content. The variety of hops used in the bittering process and the number of hops additions results in a wide variety of flavours and notes. Special malts such as chocolate, black, caramel, and crystal malts produce variations in the body and aroma of the resulting pale ale. The grains used are usually subjected to mashing at moderate temperatures in order to release their complex sugars. Multiple hops additions lend character and layer the IPA Beer flavour while the addition of alcohol determines its dryness. The balance between malt and hops is usually achieved by the studious regulation of temperature during the storage process. Yeast cells are added for fermentation at approximately 16°C or 60°F while the specific gravity of the resultant brew is measured periodically to test the refinement of the IPA Beer.