A Little Story of Bordeaux

What is Bordeaux Wine and why it is so good?

Bordeaux History

In the beginning of the year 2015, a lot of changes has been visible in Bordeaux, the town has been elected “2015 European destination”, tramways have been developed…events that remind us that Bordeaux is a city that never sleeps with good living.  But the town hasn’t always been what it is today; it has a darker past.

It now has the reputation of an “active, merchant and cosmopolite city”

Bordeaux is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site Since june 2007. This heritage wasn’t built in one day. But where does this heritage come from? Has it always been so good to live in the French South-West Capital?

A brief history of Bordeaux Wine Region of France, known worldwide

Bordeaux wines is as old as its city!

In fact, it’s in the 1st century, when the Romans were occupying France, that vines were imported from Epire and planted. The soils that we now know were totaly different back then : the town was surrendered with many swamps. The Romans, and then the English took care of drainning the swamps to plant the vines. Romans played an important part in the wine trade, from the “Burdigala” harbour (the ancien name of Bordeaux) to the Mediterranean.If you were still hesitating between choosing sport or beer, it seems like yoga does not stop you from drinking…time to meditate! 

The best wines in the world

The Bordeaux vineyard is the vineyard gathering all the Gironde region vines in the French South-West. Some wines that are produced there are some of the finest ad most expensive wines, making Bordeaux a world reference!