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The day you realize you love wine

You like wine. On Fridays, at work, all you think about is that noise that a bottle makes when pouring the first glass; pure heaven. You feel really well when you have in your hand a good glass of Prosecco, a Spanish red wine, or a Pinot Noir from California; you appreciate the taste just as much as what it makes to your head, blowing away all worries.

You drink wine often, almost every day. You have ditched cocktails first, and now even beer is getting old to your taste buds. You realize that indeed, when out and about, you are always ordering wine. You do it because you like it, but also because there are always many more vintages to discover and last but not least (let’s be honest): because with wine you are sure the bartender will not spoil it… At least if he does not add ice cubes to your rosé (true story)!

mini wine atlas: wine made simple!

The day you realize you know nothing about it

Well, you enjoy wine; this is clear. However, sometimes you feel uncomfortable because you would like to know more about it while drinking it: which red wines need to breathe before being drunk? What are these tannins sommeliers always love to talk about? And why does it smell like wine to me, while it is supposed to have citrus overtones and vanilla aromas? 

If you have asked these questions to yourself before, you are on the right website! Collected by initials, here you may find the answer to all your questions; discover mysteries about the vine world, and interesting curiosities to share with your friends during future evenings! Wine regions, grape varieties, tips and tricks to organize a blind tasting: just take a tour of Mini Wine Atlas, and you will find what you are looking for and beyond!